Monday, January 21, 2013

Extirpated polar bears of St. Matthew Island spent five months on land during the summer | polarbearscience
...the polar bears of St. Matthew, including pregnant females, were spending at least one more month on land than bears do now in western Hudson Bay (unless it can be shown that the ice in the late 1800s returned as early as mid-to- end October). Since it appears polar bears had adjusted to surviving a five-month-long summer on St. Matthew in the late 1800s in similar habitat, it suggests that Hudson Bay bears could do the same, if the need ever arises.
WashPost: Obama should forget about ‘green jobs’, ‘energy independence’ as justifications for action on climate |
At least the WashPost knows that “green jobs” are a hoax.
How serious is Barack Obama about climate change? | Environment |
Obama soon after his re-election promised to start a national conversation about climate change. He will probably say a few words in his inauguration speech on Monday and his State of the Union address next month, and that could buoy up campaigners' hopes for a time.

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