Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fred Pearce in New "Scientist": Continuing to build oil pipelines will "wreck the world"; "wily and worldly climate scientist" Schellnhuber thinks individual shareholders should be liable for damages caused by CO2-induced bad weather

Is Obama about to blow his climate credentials? -  28 January 2013 - New "Scientist"
...The oil industry does do it [build pipelines?] every day. And if it carries on, it will wreck the world.

We need not rely on climate-changing fossil fuels. Alternative energy technologies are available....Schellnhuber, a wily and worldly climate scientist, has an idea, to which I will return.
Superficially, Keystone XL doesn't look like a huge deal. Since 2010, there has been a cross-border pipe bringing oil from tar sands in northern Alberta to the US Midwest. But this second link would double capacity and deliver oil to the refineries of the Gulf for global export.
...With politicians weak, an obvious answer is to hold companies more financially accountable for environmental damage, including climate change. But Schellnhuber says this won't be enough unless individual shareholders become personally liable, too.

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