Thursday, January 24, 2013

Frigid cold sets sight on the South, may bring ice below Mason-Dixon line -
A reporter with CNN affiliate KVLY in Fargo-Grand Forks, North Dakota, used a frozen banana to hammer a nail. It worked.
"On days like this, coffee sells. Bagels don't," said Sami Akramia, a 41-year-old food cart worker bundled up in Midtown Manhattan as the temperature dropped to 4 degrees Wednesday.
Chicago warehouse turns into 'ice castle' after huge blaze
As they fought the blaze, the water from the firefighters' hoses turned to ice and encased the building.
2 degrees film aims to expose public to heat of climate change
we take it for granted that climate change is real, humans are causing it, and the planet will face dire consequences if we continue with the currently universal “business as usual” approach.
No Correlation Between Arctic Ice Extent And Snow Extent | Real Science
Alarmists claim that snow is caused by missing Arctic ice, but the historical record provides no support for that idea.

The graph below plots January Northern Hemisphere snow extent vs. January Arctic ice extent. There is no correlation. The years with highest and lowest snow extent both occurred with ~15 million km^2 of Arctic ice.
1974 : The New Normal Of Global Cooling | Real Science
In 1974, the consensus agreed that global cooling was the new normal, and that much money was needed to study it. 97% of scientists understood that global cooling caused extreme weather.

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