Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Global Warming: Anthropogenic or Not? | Watts Up With That?
[Bob Carter] The reality is, then, that no scientist on the planet can tell you with credible probability whether the climate in 2030 will be cooler or warmer than today. In such circumstances the only rational conclusion to draw is that we need to be prepared to react to either warming or cooling over the next several decades, depending upon what Nature chooses to serve up to us.
Twitter / InjusticeFacts: Pakistan has enough Natural ...
Pakistan has enough Natural resources to light up the country for 500 years; yet 90% of its population face 12 to 18 hours of power cuts.
Gore hits corporate media, defends Current TV sale
"Nothing can pass the Senate that is opposed by special interests," he said.  [Huh?]
$100 Million in Oil Money Richer, Al Gore's Unsure Why Critics Are Being So Critical - Business - The Atlantic Wire
In conclusion, Al Gore thinks Al Jazeera is awesome, regardless of whether or not it's bankrolled by greenhouse gases-to-be. Current TV is superior to any mainstream network, regardless of the fact that virtually nobody watched it. And money is dumb, regardless of the fact that Al Gore seems to be collecting buckets of it in a giant tank so that he can swim in a pool of gold coins a la Scrooge McDuck.

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