Thursday, January 17, 2013

Global Warming Just Isn’t happening: Official
But why it is the Met Office revision such an important story? After all, it’s just one national weather service and a small downgrading of its predictions, is it not? Far from it. The UK Met Office’s Hadley Centre for Climate Research is one of a select group of four global centers upon which the UN IPCC depends, having been set up by former Hadley Centre Director John Houghton. And the downgrade calls into question the credibility of the entire ‘human-carbon-emissions-are-to-blame’ house of cards. And here’s how it adds to the growing crisis for the UN IPCC’s AGW theory.
Black Carbon and Warming: It’s Worse than We Thought by Carl Zimmer: Yale Environment 360
it’s not too surprising that different teams of scientists have ended up with markedly different estimates for the net effect of soot on the climate.
Should Polluting Nations Be Liable for Climate Damages? by Fred Pearce: Yale Environment 360
Once the law gets involved, however, there has to be proof linking polluters to damaging weather...Within a decade, approaching two-thirds of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will have been emitted since 1990.
[Must be because it's so hot up there this time of year]: Monster Storm Lashing Outer Reaches of Alaska | Climate Central
An extraordinarily powerful ocean storm, packing hurricane-force winds and waves towering up to 62 feet, has been spinning its way toward Alaska's Aleutian Islands after undergoing a phenomenally rapid intensification process in the Western North Pacific Ocean since Sunday.

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