Friday, January 04, 2013

Gore Takes $100 Million Of Big Oil From Anti-Semitic Al Jazeera -
Mark it up as a three-fer in greedy hypocrisy for Gore. He gives anti-Semitic Islamists more influence in America, takes $100 million in cash from Big Oil (after making a lucrative living by claiming that it's destroying the planet), and gives those same greenhouse gasbags a foothold in the U.S. media.
Some Chevy dealers ceasing Volt sales due to costly tools
A recent report says that a few discontented dealers have stopped carrying the innovative sedan because General Motors is requiring a more significant investment in the near future, and the specialized costs (in excess of $5,000) aren't offset by the model's slow sales at those establishments.
The New Nostradamus of the North: New study: There will be less - not more - tropical cyclones in the future
In spite of Sandy, the "new normal" is LESS, not more tropical storms:

A new study by Masato Sugi, Japan Agency for Marine Earth Science and Jun Yoshimura, Meteorological Research Institute of Japan, published in the Geophysical Letters (Vol 39, Issue 19), shows that the frequency of tropical storms has decreased since 1872 - and that this decrease will continue also in the future
Yes, in My Backyard: Why Richmond Should Value Its Oil Refinery — MasterResource
Oil refineries transform oil, an essentially useless natural substance made largely of dead plants, into fuel and synthetic materials–into the fuel that drives a firetruck to your home, intro the hose that allows the firefighter to save your home, into the flame-retardant jacket that allows him to live to fight many more fires.

Unfortunately, our educational system does not teach the value of oil refineries.

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