Friday, January 25, 2013

Gore’s Media Tour: Hypocritical Much? | Fox Business Video
FBN’s Dennis Kneale on Al Gore’s new book and media tour after his controversial sale of Current TV to Al-Jazeera.
Who's Right On Climate? A Single NASA Scientist Vs. More Than 20 -
Environment: President Obama warned in his second inaugural address of some who "may still deny the overwhelming judgment of science." Is he talking about the former NASA scientists who say man isn't warming Earth?
Self-interested scientists to harangue Congress on Climate Science Day
We can safely assume that John Holdren, Presidential Science Advisor and past president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, is driving the efforts behind Climate Science Day on Capitol Hill. With a direct line to Obama and support from the science mandarins feeding at the public trough, Holdren holds the keys to the climate science narrative about to be delivered to congressional members.
Frigid temperatures continue to blast Northeast, Midwest; ice hits the South - U.S. News
Capping off a brutal week of frigid conditions and subzero wind chills, residents across much of the country on Friday were still experiencing some of the coldest temperatures in years — with southern states getting a rare icy blast.
Bitter cold weather's impact on winter tourism
The highly publicized closure of Wildcat Mountain earlier this week due to extreme temperatures seems to have scared off some visitors.

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