Friday, January 18, 2013

Green groups and ExxonMobil pony up for Obama’s second inauguration | Grist
This morning, ExxonMobil announced that it is contributing $250,000 to this “important and historic event.”
'Deddy. What is this strange white stuff falling from the sky?' – Telegraph Blogs
in my book, the occasional humiliating blog post is the very least Dr David Viner (formerly, did I mention this?, of the discredited Climatic Research Unit at the University of Easy Access) deserves for that fatuous, misleading, hysterical and costly prediction he made back in 2000.

In fact personally, I'd say he deserves worse.
OPINION: Rep. David McKinley and Rep. Morgan Griffith in the Washington Times: Obama Coal Regulations Crippling Communities | Energy & Commerce Committee
Our families, friends and neighbors have fallen victim to this war on coal. It is destroying jobs and destroying a way of life. It is destroying American prosperity.

To get our economy working again, we need common-sense policies that encourage investment and job creation, not policies that prohibit the use of affordable energy resources. As members of the Energy and Commerce Committee, we will continue our work to stop the war on coal and allow our economy to grow and prosper again.
Committee Report Exposes Foreign Corporations Benefiting From Green Energy Stimulus Funding | Energy & Commerce Committee
Despite Skyrocketing Debt, Committee Finds Approximately One Out of Every Four Dollars of $16 Billion Spent on “Section 1603” Renewable Energy Stimulus Program Went to Foreign-Owned Entities

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