Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Growing palm oil could speed up climate change, study says - AlertNet
LONDON, Jan 30 (Reuters) - Growing palm oil trees to make biofuels could be accelerating the effects of climate change, new research showed on Wednesday, adding further weight to claims the crop is not environmentally sustainable.
Al Gore and ABC’s Bill Blakemore Among Harvard Online Presenters | The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media
Harvard University’s worldwide Harvard Extension Service on January 30 is launching a semester-long 15-week online for-credit or not-for-credit undergraduate and graduate level course on climate change.
Wikipedia climate fiddler William Connolley is in the news again | Watts Up With That?
Apparently Mr. Connolley has edited 5428 Wikipedia articles, most about climate. De Kalt Sonne:
Unbelievable but true: The Wikipedia umpire on Climate Change was a member of the UK Green Party and openly sympathized with the views of the controversial IPCC. So it was not a referee, but the 12th Man of the IPCC team.
C3: Extreme Violent Storms On Decline In U.S. - Rapid CO2 Growth Has Minimal Climate Impact
Anti-science, partisan scientists have done severe damage to the reputations and public trust of most major American science institutions and universities - an example of progressive Democrat scientists pushing an anti-science agenda is the claim that atmospheric CO2 growth would cause accelerated, dangerous global temperature warming, extreme climate change and violent storm hasn't happened

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