Thursday, January 31, 2013

Guardian: Hey, remember that super-bad flood that happened back when CO2 levels were lower? In order to prevent stuff like that from happening again, we need to lower CO2 levels

60 years since devastation in East Anglia, we face a new risk from the sea | Jules Pretty | Environment |
Sixty years ago today, floods and gales shattered the east coast and its communities. Every East Anglian of a certain age still remembers the 1953 floods, when sea walls were breached in over 1,000 places, and more than 300 people died.

Three events combined: full moon, a deep trough of low-pressure that sucked up the sea by an extra foot, and violent gales which lasted many hours. The high tide came down the North Sea as a giant standing wave, and the coast would at first be threatened, and then in a few short hours overtopped and soundly beaten.
Domestically, climate change has brought alternating drought and floods, and the policy focus has turned inland.

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