Wednesday, January 09, 2013

High-flying, mansion-dwelling warmist Tom Friedman: You know what we need right now? A "small" bad-weather-prevention tax that would cost $1600 annually for each family of four

The Market and Mother Nature -
According to a September 2012 study by the Congressional Research Service, a small carbon tax of $20 per ton — escalating by 5.6 percent annually — could cut the projected 10-year deficit by roughly 50 percent (from $2.3 trillion down to $1.1 trillion).

What would you rather do to help solve our fiscal problem: Give up your home mortgage deduction and wait two more years for Social Security and Medicare, or pay a little extra for gasoline and electricity? These will be our choices. I’d rather pay the little carbon tax, especially since it would clean up the air for our kids, drive innovation and make us less dependent on the most unstable region in the world: the Middle East.

How could a carbon tax not be on the table today?
Carbon emissions per person, by country | Environment |
the average American is responsible for 19.8 tonnes per person
At 20 tons per person, an American family of four would start out paying 20 tons/person * $20/ton * 4 people or $1600 per year.

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