Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Ice roads open early
“Bone-chilling temperatures have been a boon to builders of Manitoba’s northern winter roads this year,” says this article in the Winnipeg Free Press.

The province is forecasting that most of the 2,500-kilometre winter-road network — serving two dozen far-flung communities — could be in operation by the end of January, earlier than in a normal season.
Say Goodbye to 75 Watt Light Bulbs in 2013 - By Greg Pollowitz - Planet Gore - National Review Online
The new rules have applied to 100 watt bulbs since the beginning of 2012. In 2013, the restrictions have expanded to 75 watt bulbs. In January 2014, the new rules will apply to 60 and 40 watt bulbs.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds climate in Tibet was more stable in the 20th century than prior
A new paper published in Climate of the Past reconstructs the climate of southeast Tibet over 224 years from 1781-2005 and finds, "The climate appears drier and more stable in the 20th century than previously." The paper contradicts claims of climate alarmists that global warming causes an increase of extreme weather or extreme precipitation. In addition, the paper finds cloud cover decreased during the 20th century in comparison to the 19th century, which could amplify solar effects on temperature. According to the authors, "The occurrence of years of extreme low or high cloud index appears to have strongly decreased since the 1920s, suggesting a relatively stable summer moisture condition in southeast Tibet in spite of the increasing [alleged] impact of human activities on climate."
- Bishop Hill blog - Kahan't see the wood for the trees
...I don't think this discrepancy is any kind of a surprise to readers here - it's the way the great Mann works. But it's certainly fun to watch Kahan grappling with the problem of what he calls a "great climate scientist" mispresenting the work of a sympathiser. You wonder if he has considered the possibility that Mann might misrepresent his critics too.

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