Thursday, January 24, 2013

In perceiving climate change, feeling the heat counts
If surveyed during the local warm season, people were 11 to 19 percent more likely to believe that local temperatures were rising over the long term than they were when questioned during a cool period.
Leaders join to discuss climate change at Davos 2013
The new head of the World Bank, president Jim Kim has said that a 4°C world would be "devastating", and so different from our current climate that it will come with high uncertainty and new risks that threaten our very ability to anticipate and plan.
Wind farms can interfere with forecasts says Met Office as it lodges complaints against planned sites | Mail Online
The Met Office has objected to the construction of a giant wind farm – claiming its turbines could affect the accuracy of its weather forecasts.

It says interference from dozens of giant blades would result in ‘false warnings of severe and hazardous weather being issued’, while heavy rainfall and flood alerts could be missed.
BBC News - Ireland to build 'giant' wind turbines to power UK homes
environmentalists have described the scheme as "crazy".

They say it risks damaging Ireland's landscape.
How Green Was My Bankruptcy? U. S. Army Edition. | Watts Up With That?
Great News! Siemens will generate an 18% return on a project that will have a negative return on investment (-9%)… All at the taxpayers’ expense!

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