Wednesday, January 09, 2013

IPCC Legal Notice « NoFrakkingConsensus
Lately I’ve begun to view the UN as a vast, unaccountable, bossy bureaucracy. One whose employees imagine they have a right to lecture you about your e-mail printing habits when contacting you about an entirely unrelated topic.
Quadrant Online - The usual suspects
What's particularly striking about the entire [Australasia IPCC] list is the degree to which every single person on it depends on climate change propagation for a living.

If their thesis - anthropogenic climate change at its most drastic and terrifying - was disproven publicly tomorrow, and also discredited by the world's media, almost every single one of them would have to start looking for a new job.
Malthus’s Zombie » Climate Resistance
Having their zombie prophecies proven wrong by billions of people every day for nearly half a century has not caused the Ehrlichs to pause and reflect on their failure, much less revised the script
Pakistan - Skardu drops to a record low of -17C on Tuesday
Astaur and Hunza are facing -15 and -12 respectively, while Ghazar, Kashmir, Mala Jabba, and Kurram Agency and Hazara Division are facing strong, unending cold.

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