Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's all so confusing: Michael Mann admits that "cheap fossil fuel energy" is a key to our wealth, while we're also being told that trying to power our economy with wind turbines and solar panels is the key to wealth

Also, we're being told that only cousin-marryin' Sarah-Palin-lovin' AR-15-ownin' right-wing Americans "deny" the alleged danger of CO2, while we're also told that we need to convince developing countries about the alleged danger of CO2, else those poor simple foreigners will head off and power their economies with fossil fuels that will drown them all.

Tom Zeller Jr.: Obama's Inaugural Words On Climate Stir Cautious Optimism
"We have gained relative to the developing world through two centuries of access to cheap fossil fuel energy," Mann noted. "What sort of moral authority do we have in negotiations aimed at convincing them to reduce their own emissions, if we show no willingness to do the same after having had a two century head-start in building a fossil fuel based economy?"
"No-one wished upon this nation the offense of climate change, but from Staten Island's stormy shores to the parched fields of Kansas, all the wealth piled by the oilman's one hundred and fifty years of unrequited drilling is burning away," Johnson said. "As he acknowledged today, Obama must strive on to finish the work we are in, to do all which may achieve freedom from the tyranny of fossil fuels. If he does not confront the scourge of climate change, he will let our nation perish."
"The collective global warming pollution from those projects would likely send the planet careening over a climate change cliff, causing far more droughts, storms and floods like the ones that devastated people around the world in 2012," [Greenpeace] declared.
In an email message, Mann suggested that the Greenpeace study was "a bit over the top," but added that there was little doubt that "we need to get emissions under control within a matter of a few years, not decades."

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"after having had a two century head-start "

Looks to me like AGW is the way to even the playing field.