Thursday, January 24, 2013

John Kerry on preventing CO2-induced bad weather: "The solution to climate change is energy policy"

Kerry says global climate change is threat to U.S. - The Washington Post
“In this tight budget environment, with so many competing American priorities, I would ask you to give considerable thought into limiting significantly resources that would not help us as an economy, not help us as a country, and not help us globally in perhaps the efforts you might be pursuing,” Brasso said.

Kerry shot back: “The solution to climate change is energy policy. You want to do business and do it well in America, we got to get into the energy race.” He cited California and his own state of Massachusetts as places where clean energy and energy efficiency are “growing faster than any other sector... This is a job creator.”

Noting that U.S. communities broke heat and fire records last year and suffered record-high damages from superstorm Sandy,” Kerry said: “If we can’t see the downside of spending that money and risking lives for all the changes that are taking place, to agriculture, to our communities, the ocean and so forth, we’re ignoring what science is telling us. So I will be a passionate advocate on this, but not based on ideology but based on facts, based on science.”

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