Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Kyoto good as dead...and Harper was right to kill it | Columnists | Opinion | Toronto Sun
Canada withdrew from Kyoto last month, having given its obligatory one-year notice last December.

In doing so, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives finally corrected the huge and reckless blunder Jean Chretien and the Liberals committed by signing on to Kyoto in 1998.

How Chretien, as the leader of a large, cold, northern, oil-exporting country, could have committed Canada to an emissions treaty that excluded the U.S. and required nothing of China, defies explanation to this day.
As Pheasants Disappear, Hunters in Iowa Follow - NYTimes.com
Surveys show that the population in 2012 was the second lowest on record, 81 percent below the average over the past four decades.
Dec. 2012: There's Hope for Iowa's Pheasant Population | Field & Stream
Iowa’s pheasant numbers have been in free fall for the past five years due to cold, wet weather and habitat destruction prompted by high grain prices.
150 inches (381 cm) of snow - Most ever in December
Kick off 2013 the right way with concerts, parties and snow in South Lake Tahoe! Tahoe has been receiving a lot of snow over the past couple weeks, and so far this season Heavenly has received over 11.5 FEET to 16 FEET of snow.

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