Monday, January 28, 2013

Left-wing "Scientific" American Blogs Editor Bora Zivkovic on why he deletes comments from people who disagree with him: "It demonstrates I care for the truth"

Commenting threads: good, bad, or not at all. | A Blog Around The Clock, Scientific American Blog Network
It is a fact that global warming is true. And it is also a well established fact that humans played a big role in it. And the notion that if we broke it we should fix it is what responsible humans do. Thus, an article about a new study about climate or weather or energy or infrastructure is not a proper forum for debating the well-established facts. There is no debate there. Thus, such comments need to be deleted.
...I am a biologist, so I don’t write specifically about climate science as I do not feel I am expert enough for that. So, I am gradually teaching my spam filter to automatically send to spam any and every comment that contains the words “warmist”, “alarmist”, “Al Gore” or a link to Watts. A comment that contains any of those is, by definition, not posted in good faith. By definition, it does not provide additional information relevant to the post. By definition, it is off-topic. By definition, it contains erroneous information. By definition, it is ideologically motivated, thus not scientific. By definition, it is polarizing to the silent audience. It will go to spam as fast I can make it happen...If I think something I have to say does not really fit here, I post it on my Twitter or Facebook or Google Plus or Tumblr. And even there I am aware that I am still seen as a public face of SciAm so I am careful what kind of language I use, how I behave, etc. Deleting trolls, and not providing a platform for anti-science ideas, is good behavior for a scientist, a science writer, and an editor at Scientific American. It demonstrates I care for the truth.
Flashback: "Scientific" American Blogs Editor Bora Zivkovic: A fan of science bloggers, except when they don't align with his left-wing politics?
[Zivkovic, Feb 2012] When slimey Watts sends his hordes over, result is a comment thread like this: full of greedy, duped cowards.


gofer said...

It's exactly this arrogant, unscientific attitude that caused many of us to begin questioning AGW. No real scientists would make such statements and it reeks of trying to keep people from finding out the facts. They hurt themselves more than anything or anyone.

Bob Campbell said...

Just change it around and if Watts was doing the same to the believers we would hear a lot about it.

Timbo1 said...

It demonstrates I care for MY truth.