Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mann blames Wheat Belt drought on global warming |
Because Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas have never experienced drought before?
Syria refugees riot in Jordan camp after storm sweeps away tents in bitter cold, wet weather - CBS News
ZAATARI, Jordan Syrian refugees in a Jordanian camp attacked aid workers with sticks and stones on Tuesday, frustrated after cold, howling winds swept away their tents and torrential rains flooded muddy streets.
Germany considers more phase two CO2 permit sales - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, Jan 10 (Reuters Point Carbon) – Germany is mulling the sale of its unused EU emissions permits, a government official said on Thursday, as analysts estimated several countries could pump a further 67 million allowances into the already inundated European carbon market before May.
CDM investment hits 7-year low: U.N. - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, Jan 10 (Reuters Point Carbon) – Investment in U.N.-backed projects that cut emissions of greenhouse gases hit a seven year-low in December, a U.N. agency said Thursday, after the value of carbon offsets slumped 90 percent last year.

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