Thursday, January 10, 2013

Met Office tries to figure out why the globe isn't warming as expected: Is it the sun? Is it "Sulphate-based aerosol deodorants"?

World’s cooler than we thought...and Chinese aerosols stop global warming | The Sun |Features
But the experts have admitted temperatures are not rising as fast as they expected and they have to figure out why.

Prof Julia Slingo, the Met Office’s chief scientist, this week admitted to The Sun that she has had a team working on the problem for a YEAR.

One theory is 1998 brought once-in-100-year temperatures, helped by swirling ocean-related weather pattern El Niño.

Other explanations are not so easy to prove — even with a £30million supercomputer. One, the professor says, could be the sun — currently in an 11-year cycle called the solar minimum, a period of less solar activity.
One theory under investigation involves aerosols in China.

Sulphate-based aerosol deodorants could be preventing the planet heating as fast as expected, Prof Slingo says.

She adds: “Aerosols have a cooling effect on the planet because they cause a layer in the air that reflects sunlight and we have an explosive growth of them in China.

“They can make quite a contribution to changes in short-term warming trends.”

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