Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Michael Mann recruiting for "an internet climate science truth squad"

Folks interested in... | Facebook
[Michael Mann] Folks interested in being part of an internet climate science truth squad to correct misinformation/disinformation on blogs, comment threads, etc. should contact Thomas Bruce Milne at Facebook ( or Twitter (@ThomasMilne).


papertiger said...

How many of these internet climate truth squads have the warmists set up?

Let's see. They started with Real Climate. Skeptical Science. There was that one that Scott Mandia started up. Minute man or something like that. Fizzled out real quick when they couldn't find anyone to be their "answer man".

Were there more? I'm drawing a blank.

Otter said...

Well, once they start this, we'll never hear from them again.

Why? Because they'll be spending the rest of their lives shrieking into a mirror.

Having said that, there are a few closed minds out there, running from article to article, regurgitating SkS propaganda. I notice they sometimes come in very late, right before comments close. Can't be challenged that way!

Anonymous said...

I am going to join up! It will be great to illuminate the point that McIntyre et al and Briffa et al have proven the Hockey Stick a deceit and expose fraudulent claims of a Nobel Prize made by a certain Mann...