Saturday, January 12, 2013

Monetizing the Effects of Carbon | Watts Up With That?
Now, how much is this 10% increase in global plant production worth? Well, the marvelous FAO database called FAOSTAT puts the value of the annual plant production at $3.3 trillion dollars. Assuming that a 10% increase from some smaller value is due to increased CO2, that puts the annual value of this one single solitary social benefit of CO2 at about $300 billion dollars.
The Royal Society Disaster Movie: starring the Ehrlichs and The Prince of Wales | Watts Up With That?
This is funny and sad at the same time. The funny part is the fact that none of Paul Erhlich’s doom and gloom predictions about the human condition from the 70′s on have even come remotely close to true, the sad part is that the Royal Society, whose motto is Nullius in verba, Latin for “Take nobody’s word for it”, is taking the word of this doomer that can’t predict his way out of a paper bag. The focus now? You guessed it: global warming causing “escalating climate disruption”, which is unsupportable when you look at the data...
One Reason Why NOAA Is Lying About US Temperatures | Real Science
1936 had almost three times as many 100 degree readings as 2012.

The entire basis of the report is a complete fraud, and it is supported by completely fraudulent claims from NOAA. The frequency of 100 degree days in the US is down 40% since the 1930s.
Twitter / AssExtranious: Breaking: Six people have been ...
Breaking: Six people have been treated for heat exposure across NSW ... ( ) Out of 7,238,819 (Census, 2010)

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