Thursday, January 10, 2013

Next up for Energy Secretary: The #347 wealthiest American, a guy who spent $32 million buying votes for California's carbon dioxide hoax tax, a guy who thinks "A revolution is needed to avoid catastrophic climate change"?

Newsmaker: Calif. billionaire might be the next big name in U.S. energy politics -- 01/09/2013 --
SAN FRANCISCO -- Billionaire Tom Steyer isn't well-known outside California, but plenty of people believe that's about to change. He's seen here as a likely star in energy politics.
He has been rumored as a possible replacement for Energy Secretary Steven Chu, if Chu steps away from that job as is widely expected.
...A revolution is needed to avoid catastrophic climate change, he said.
Steyer is worth $1.3 billion, according to Forbes. He ranks No. 347 on the magazine's list of wealthiest Americans.
Last year, Steyer spent $32 million as the largest donor behind California's Proposition 39, which voters approved.
Steyer said he believes the No on Prop 23 team shaped how the country talked about clean energy for the past two years. The group crafted a message about advanced energy, green jobs and pushing back against out-of-state oil companies. The word "climate" rarely was spoken.

It became the predominant approach for the next two years, Steyer said.

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