Monday, January 14, 2013

Note to Scientific American’s Bora Zivkovic: “If you want to practice censorship, at least learn to spell the name of this blog correctly”
Even funnier, Bora has now removed the comment at his blog noting the comment has been removed! I saw it earlier, noting 5 comments including that one, and I refreshed to see if other commenters had weighed in only to discover it vanished.

Maybe his “harshness” is why he has only 4 comments. Let’s help him out folks.
Climate change fuels wildfires around the world | Environment | DW.DE | 14.01.2013
"Our simulations show that 1960 was the tipping point," she explains. "Since then the area that burns up on the Earth has been expanding."
...To find out whether this trend is set to continue and if climate change will lead to more fires on the planet in 25 years, Kloster and her fellow researchers are simulating scenarios on a computer.

"Globally, we see an increase," Kloster says. "In some of the simulations, the number of fires increased by 20 percent for 2040."
"In some areas we see an increase, while in other regions however, a decrease is predicted," she explains.
Vietnam losing $14 billion yearly due to climate change |
Every year climate change costs Viet Nam five per cent per annum of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

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