Wednesday, January 02, 2013

NZ trees faster growth support global warming
Analysis of tree rings of pink pines on the West Coast suggests global warming or the ozone hole is increasing the speed of growth of New Zealand's trees.
USA - Current snow cover most in 10 years
As of January 1, 2013, we have more snow on the ground in the U.S then in the past 10 years!
Die Klimazwiebel: Climate utopia
Thinking about the narrative of climate change, and the project to prevent dangerous warming of the planet, it occurred to me many times that it is lacking in vision but excels in warnings, exhortations, and polarization.
The script of the narrative belongs to the age-old apocalyptic genre and the exhortation draws on the implicit understanding (at least in a Judeo-Christian tradition) that we must stop sinning and alter our ways. This narrative is deeply embedded in the Western culture from where it originates, both the biblical account and the modern climate change discourse. It probably was such a convenient storyline that little thought was dedicated to the logic of the story itself and its wider implications.

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