Friday, January 25, 2013

Obama must act, not just talk about climate change - Darrell Delamaide's Political Capital
Other countries are indeed well ahead of the United States in promoting these goals. Europe used the Kyoto Protocol as a basis to set ambitious carbon-reduction targets and establish a cap-and-trade scheme for limiting emissions, giving European companies a leg up in developing these technologies.  [What bad-weather-preventing technologies, specifically?]
Twitter / GregBarkerMP: Just signed off 1st #GreenDeal ...
Just signed off 1st #GreenDeal adverts rolling out frm Monday "Hate Rising Energy Costs? GREEN DEAL WITH IT" #PartnershipWithIndustry
Twitter / RichardTol: For goodness' sake: ...
For goodness' sake: Climatologists once again make a mistake an undergrad statistician would not
Poppycock or Worse than we thought | Digging in the Clay
Isn’t it funny what has changed in thirty years since Dr Bellamy was an active campaigner. Now society has gone all politically correct. We have activists who have become more extreme but at the same time it is now PC (and the done thing) to support the environment. In fact things have gone so far that voicing a contrary opinion on environmental issues has become ‘wrong’, even when you are right. It’s just as well some like David Bellamy still have principles.

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