Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Obama Still Needs to Make the Case for Dealing with Climate Change | MIT Technology Review
Let’s stop pretending that clean energy innovation will completely offset the economic costs of abandoning fossil fuels.
Let’s have a speech from President Obama focused on climate change. I want to hear him lay out the numbers and describe the scenarios that have led him to believe climate change must be dealt with. How much could climate change cost (see our Q&A with Nicholas Stern)? How much is it reasonable to spend to avoid those costs, given the uncertainty around just how the planet will respond to increased levels of carbon dioxide? The case has to be made that it’s worth it if we’re going to make the investments needed to give up fossil fuels.
Officials: Cold weather kills Cook County man
A 70-year-old man found frozen in his home in suburban Chicago became the eighth victim of the cold this winter _ and the first death tied to the current cold snap.
POTUS Speaks about Climate Change - By Greg Pollowitz - Planet Gore - National Review Online
As President Obama wouldn’t sign a single “executive order” on guns and relied on lesser “executive actions,” I’d put my money on “not much” getting done about climate change in his second term. Scientific American at least writes honestly that, yes, the president finally mentioned climate change in a big speech, he didn’t mention any specifics
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Paging Paul Ehrlich: New paper finds Europe's greatest wars, plagues, and food shortages were during cold periods

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