Thursday, January 17, 2013

One benefit of the Australian heat wave | Watts Up With That?
the recent hot spell has killed most of the ticks.
An added benefit, apart from the yuck factor, is the reduced risk this year, of myself and my fellow Australians catching one of the awful diseases associated with tick bites, such as Queensland Tick Typhus.

Global warming? Bring it on.
Rajendra Pachauri, Pessimist-in-Chief « NoFrakkingConsensus
The head of the IPCC thinks “a large part of the human species” is endangered by climate change. Apparently that makes him an optimist.
Earliest Blooms Recorded in U.S. Due to Global Warming |
So the enviros oppose more flowers?
MICHAELS: Global warming apocalypse canceled - Washington Times
it’s a pretty good bet that we are going to go nearly a quarter of a century without warming.
Veteran German Meteorologist Calls Climate Science “A Fairy Tale That’s Rich In Fantasy…Spook Watching”
Th√ľne concludes at the end of his commentary: “The statement that CO2 concentration, whether natural or man made, is the main factor in driving air temperature is a scientific fairy tale that’s rich in fantasy. Making climate forecasts is spook-watching!”

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