Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Paper finds the Sun controls climate & 'gives no support to theory of anthropogenic climate change'
A paper published in the Journal of Geophysical Research finds temperatures in the troposphere behave similarly to changes in solar activity over short timescales and a "cumulative negative [not positive as claimed by climate alarmists] feedback in the Earth climate system governing the tropospheric variability during the last 22 years." According to the paper, "The result emphasizes a dominating role of the solar irradiance variability in variations of the tropospheric temperature and gives no support to the theory of anthropogenic climate change," and "Increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the Earth atmosphere appeared to produce too weak forcing in order to dominate in the Earth climate system."
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Settled science update: New paper finds aerosols cause 24 times more cooling than estimated by the IPCC
A new paper published in Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics finds that aerosols have a very significant cooling effect upon the Earth surface that is 24 times greater than estimated by the IPCC.
Japan - Heaviest snowstorm since 2006 leaves 900 injured
Heavy snow blanketed eastern Japan over the weekend, leaving one man dead and 900 others injured, as Tokyo commuters took to the slippery streets on Tuesday.
Mexico coldest in 42 years

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