Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Polar Bear Blog – Churchill’s Orcas Trapped in Hudson Bay?
Right now, a pod of killer whales are trapped in the ice of northern Hudson Bay, near Inukjuak, Quebec. There appear to be a dozen orca surfacing in a small area of open water amidst the sea ice about 30 kilometres offshore.

The Inuit are calling for the Coast Guard to send an icebreaker to open up a channel near the whales and, thereby, loosen the surrounding ice enough that they can free themselves and resume their migration into Hudson Strait. There is a considerable amount of ice between the whales and the open water of Hudson Strait.
While it is an incredible moment to see orca in the wild, the Federal Government’s response to this request. For the most part, the feds usually step back from this type of interference. In 2008, approximately 500 narwhal became stuck in various breathing holes or savsaats near Pond Inlet, Nunavut.

In this case, no assistance was available and the whales were harvested by the community to prevent their prolonged suffering.
On the ridiculous side, it was originally reported that a polar bear was shot because it was roaming too near the whales breathing hole. How does that make any sense? Its not like its Ghandi trapped in the ice, I mean they are predators. That one is a bit baffling.
Iberdrola cancels 100 U.S. wind projects |
Ill or not, sometimes wind just blows.
Global Warming Now Defined By 1.5% Of The Planet | Real Science
When the US has a cold winter, it is just weather.

But a pleasant winter in the US demands immediate action to save the planet from global warming, while Europe, Alaska*, Russia, Siberia and Asia experience record cold and snow.

*Alaska has Sarah Palin, so it doesn’t count as part of the US.
Global Temperatures Continue To Slide | Real Science
The fraudsters at NOAA are making hay with claims that 2012 was the hottest year ever, while global temperatures continue to slide. December was the 17th coldest in the RSS satellite record.

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