Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Q&A- What if the EU’s [carbon dioxide hoax scam] backloading plan fails?
All major banks, including Barclays, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley have pared back activity or staff over the past three years and most observers expect that trend to continue in the event of sustained low prices.
Oooops! (at least they didn’t name it ‘robust’) | Watts Up With That?
A controversial 115ft wind turbine has collapsed after being hit by heavy winds.

The £250,000 tower, which stood as tall as a ten storey building, was hit by gale force gusts of 50mph.
The EPA's Lisa Jackson: The Worst Head of the Worst Regulatory Agency, Ever - Forbes
Over the years, EPA has, in effect, bought the loyalty of a small cadre of scientists and radical advocacy organizations that will dependably defend the agency’s precautionary approach and expansionist tendencies.
Climate cycles and political alarmism | Watts Up With That?
The devastating impacts of extreme climate events of which Obama speaks have always been with us, and we have to expect that the human tragedies they bring will be exacerbated by growth in global population.

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