Sunday, January 27, 2013

Record Snowfall turns Disneyland Paris into a Winter Wonderland
Record snowfall blanketed Disneyland Paris, turning this already beautiful park into a winter wonderland. The snow paralyzed public transportation and air flights. Even the Eiffel Tower was closed. One weather station in Paris measured 4.5 inches of snow in one day – the most since 1987.
Duterte blames West, China for climate change, floods in Davao City | Inquirer News
DAVAO CITY, Philippines – “Don’t blame poor Filipinos for what’s wrong with the weather,” Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said as he lashed at critics who blamed illegal logging for the worst flooding that inundated some areas in Davao in water for the whole week.

“Every time there’s something wrong with the weather, you start to crucify the Filipinos, when we don’t have a significant contribution to what ails the weather. We contribute the least to global warming, blame the Western world, blame the US and China,” Duterte said, reacting to the crawler on a cable news network (ANC), which quoted environment groups as saying the “denudation of Mt. Apo contributed much to the recent flooding in Davao City.
GOP Insiders Daring Dems Over Climate Change -
Asked whether it had become a winning issue for Democrats, nearly 9 out of 10 Republican Insiders said no, with a little over a third of Democratic Insiders agreeing that climate change was not among the issues on which Democrats can capitalize.
Many on both sides cited the continuing sluggishness of the economy trumping the climate change issue in Americans' minds.

"People want jobs. Jobs. Jobs. Um, should I say it again? Jobs," one Republican said.

"Far too many more-important issues. Republicans should be happy if Democrats go out on a limb on global warming ... and saw it off," another said. Yet another snarked: "Americans still prefer affordable energy over pie-in-the-sky, Al Gore-inspired happy talk."

At least one Democrat too cautioned his party not to get ahead of themselves: "Democrats, don't get distracted! People care about jobs and improving the economy."
"Every public poll on the issue has demonstrated the American people support action on climate change, like the EPA, and want the U.S. to take action. People are starting to believe their eyes instead of the deniers," one Democrat said.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: Southern hem sea ice now ...
Southern hem sea ice now approaching highest for warm season. May set total yearly record
Twitter / PresidentAMS: new "climate"? Bomb defined ...
new "climate"? Bomb defined as pressure drop 24 mb in 24 hrs. Cyclone in Atlantic, 54 in 24 hours (930 mb).

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