Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Remember a couple of months ago, when warmists rushed to compare Nate Silver to climate scientists? After Silver used math to predict a Patriots/Seahawks Super Bowl, the Silver/climate scientist comparisons seem to have stopped

Nov. 2012: Climate science is Nate Silver and U.S. politics is Karl Rove | Grist
In short, the Nate Silvers of climate science are forecasting a landslide — that is, humanity under a landslide of drought, floods, disease, and dislocation.
Nov. 2012: Nate Silver Denialism & Climate Change Denialism « Legal Planet: Environmental Law and Policy
The same process of “Nate Silver Denialism” seems to be at work with climate change denialists on the right.
Last night, Silver’s forecasts were confirmed, and reality caught up with the denialists. So will the magnitude of their erroneous predictions cause them to rethink how they analyze other data-driven issues like climate change?
January 10, 2013:  Super Bowl XLVII prediction: Nate Silver sees Patriots and Seahawks in the big game -
Nate Silver's predicting things again. This time the statistical savant has cast his gaze upon Super Bowl XLVII. During a Thursday appearance on ESPN's First Take, Silver told the world that he is predicting a Super Bowl matchup between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks.

Silver used the statistical measures at Football Outsiders as the basis of his Super Bowl prediction.
His election predictions at Five Thirty Eight proved to be remarkably accurate, despite insistence from some that his work was biased. That was nothing compared to explaining his predictions to the likes of Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless, whose powers of denial far outstrip anything the John Birch Society could imagine.

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