Wednesday, January 09, 2013

RFK, Jr. & Bill McKibben: Time To Act On Climate Change | DeSmogBlog
I’m Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Few sitting US presidents have faced more environmental disasters than President Obama. Some of those disasters like the BP oil spill were clearly man made while others came in the form of hurricanes, blizzards, droughts and floods that have a more attenuated connection to anthropogenic activity. The natural disasters that have been plaguing this country for the last few years and the world should provide more than enough indication that catastrophic climate change is real
Fuel Fix » Google sinks $200 million into Texas wind farm
Google has invested $200 million in a West Texas wind farm, which will become a part of the company’s $1 billion renewable energy portfolio, the Internet search giant said Wednesday.
Twitter / shaunmckinnon: A rare hard freeze watch for ...
A rare hard freeze watch for Phoenix. Temps expected in the 20s in some areas.
World population may actually start declining, not exploding. - Slate Magazine
Research suggests we may actually face a declining world population in the coming years.

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Beale said...

We may face a declining world population? No kidding. We've only been saying this for a matter of decades.