Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Russia Won’t Renew Kyoto Protocol | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
Ukraine, Belarus May Join Russia to Shun Kyoto
Antarctic Sea Area Ice Above Normal Every Day In 2012 | Real Science
Antarctic sea ice area averaged more than seven thousand Manhattans above normal in 2012, and was above normal every single day of the year.

Climate experts blame this on humans, just as they blame missing Arctic ice on humans. They also blame volcanoes, tsunamis, mosquitoes, lightning strikes, tornadoes, lack of tornadoes, hurricanes, and lack of hurricanes on humans.
Human Footprint Of Global Warming Found | Real Science
Heavy snow forecast this week along the Mexico, Texas, New Mexico border.
Greenland Ends The Year With Some Of The Coldest Weather Ever Recorded | Real Science
On December 29 they hit -78F, five degrees above the coldest temperature ever recorded there.

NASA is only interested in a couple of days during the summer when temperatures got barely above freezing for a couple of hours.
Homeless Heir To $300 Million Huguette Clark Fortune Found Dead
Temperatures in Evanston, a mining town, had hit a low of 0 in recent days. The coroner said it appears the homeless heir, who could have inherited $19 million of Clark's $300 million fortune, had died of hypothermia, according to NBC.

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