Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SCHOOL CLOSING: Bitter cold cancels classes for students in metro Detroit
(WXYZ) - With wind chills, temperature are 15 to 20 below zero and the bitter cold is causing schools to close around metro Detroit.
Obama inaugural addresses climate change - SFGate
The president's emphasis on climate change drew fire from conservatives. Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity - a group financed by the Koch brothers, who made a fortune in refining and other oil interests - criticized the speech in a statement.

"His address read like a liberal laundry list with global warming at the top," Phillips said. "Americans have rejected environmental extremism in the past and they will again."
Home - New Scientist in association with Statoil
New Scientist has teamed up with the global energy company Statoil to provide one lucky winner and a guest the trip of a lifetime.
President Obama Promises Action on Climate Change in His Inaugural Address | TIME.com
The bitter irony is that four years from now, President Obama’s supposed failure of a first term may represent his peak for climate action.
Hate Ethopians, Love Polar Bears » Climate Resistance
So where are the BBC’s programmes about Ethiopia, that Attenborough is concerned ‘we keep putting on’?

There aren’t any. The BBC is very keen on how animals live or are endangered, but the lives of millions of people, who, according to Attenborough, are not surviving, is not of interest. We care more for programmes about polar bear families than for films about people living in rural Ethopia.

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