Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sea Level Falling At Los Angeles | Real Science
Satellites show a steady drop in sea level at Los Angeles, since the start of records in 1992.
Climate experts expect one to five metres of sea level rise over the rest of the century, because their funding depends on making up ridiculous scary stories which the President is stupid enough to believe.
Twitter / LeoHickman: @rogtallbloke speak to most ...
@rogtallbloke speak to most 'greens' and they don't like the carbon market either. Seen as a "city boys" take-over
NOAA gives $3.5 million to help two states address effects of climate change
Arizona and New Mexico will receive $3.5 million in grants from NOAA over five years to help them prepare for and adapt to climate variability and change. Seven smaller grants for one- and two-year projects were also awarded this week.

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