Tuesday, January 15, 2013

See no, hear no, speak no complexity over warming | The Australian
There seems to be no room for debate about the extent of global warming, the variability of forecast effects or options for dealing with the issue. Rather, if the first two are a guide, we'll see a series of special reports aimed at raising our concerns. It smacks of proselytising.
Vernon girl, 10, calls on city to act on climate change [hoax] - British Columbia - CBC News
Neave says she doesn't want to grow up during a time of mass species extinction.

"I just feel really frustrated,” she said. “People aren't doing what they are supposed to and it just makes me really mad, and that's what motivated me to come here and speak to everybody."
“If they don't do anything about it I'll probably come back and talk to them in a few months, saying, 'You're not doing anything,’” she said.
Tuesday breaks record, wind chill advisory, freezing fog
January 15th set a record low for Grand Junction. The temperature at Grand Junction Regional Airport was -12 at 2:31am. That breaks the previous record of -7, set in 2007.
Monday's 21-degree low set record; another freeze tonight
Monday's low at Tucson International Airport was 21 degrees. That breaks the record low for the date of 22 degrees, set in 1940.
Record temperatures reported around Arizona
As the Phoenix metro area continues to shiver through its coolest stretch of weather since 1988, other parts of Arizona are reporting record temperatures.
In northern Arizona, the highest daytime temperature at Flagstaff's Pulliam Airport was 16 degrees, breaking a record of 23 degrees set in 2007.

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