Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Subzero temperatures blamed for two deaths in Elko; cold snap will continue | Reno Gazette-Journal
Subzero temperatures have been blamed for two deaths in Elko over the holiday weekend as temperatures there dipped to 15 below zero.

Elko last had a temperature above freezing on Christmas Eve and is not expected to reach an above-freezing temperature for the next week, National Weather Service forecaster Clair Ketchum said.
News Alert To Climate Alarmists: Most Arctic Species Will Benefit From Global Warming - Forbes
"...Warmer and wetter conditions favor more species,” the scientists concluded.
Freeze Warning issued for parts of the Bay Area |
It's a chilly morning around the Bay Area, with parts of the region waking up to below freezing temperatures.
Solar forcing of climate during the last millennium recorded in lake sediments from northern Sweden
Our results suggest that the climate responds to both the 11 yr solar cycle and to long-term changes in solar activity and in particular solar minima, causing dry conditions with resulting decreased runoff.
Twitter / RogerPielkeJr: In 2012, 54 reporters dominated ...
In 2012, 54 reporters [100% of them warmists?] dominated English-language coverage of climate writing 2,961 stories. lists them:

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