Saturday, January 05, 2013

The Climate Conundrum | The Lukewarmer's Way
[Tom Fuller] Now, the very probable reason that Real Climate has published two posts on climate sensitivity at this time is that conflicting work has recently seen the light of day that points at lower levels of sensitivity. (This is the way the political fight around climate change works–the activists have a ‘rapid response team’ that springs into action when questions arise or conflicting data is published. There in all honesty appears to be a coordinated campaign to drive an agenda, something that they in turn accuse skeptics of doing.)
Hypocrisy Alert: Radical Green to Enjoy 84-degree Wash. State Indoor Water Park |
Maybe the Nuremberg-style skeptic trials David Roberts called for can be held there as well?’s Dave Roberts — who infamously suggested Nuremberg-style trials for skeptics, linked the Newtown shooting to global warming and wrote that skeptics “won’t change, but they will die” — tweeted today that his kids got a “mystery trip” for Christmas — to a Washington State indoor water park (56,000 square feet heated to 83 degrees, see below)
2 die as cold snap hits North, Northeast - Thailand
His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn and his Royal Consort, Her Royal Highness Princess Srirasmi, yesterday had their representative give 2,000 sets of blankets and clothes to Lampang residents affected by the cold.
St. Louis Zoo rethinks how to address climate change : Entertainment
“Talking about the crisis doesn’t work; just ask Al Gore,” said zoo education chief Louise Bradshaw. “If it’s all ‘crisis, crisis, crisis,’ people will just stop there. It will be just too big and scary for them.”

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