Thursday, January 17, 2013

THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Two new papers predict fewer Northern Hemisphere cyclones in future
The papers add to many other peer-reviewed papers projecting that cyclones and storms such as Sandy will become less frequent and less severe in the future, despite the protests of uninformed climate alarmists.
The Official Start to The Most Difficult Decade | The Lukewarmer's Way
I’ve been writing for several years now that this would be the toughest decade for climate activists. My reasoning has been that the economics of the prescriptive measures being pushed would become clearer (and people would start to understand how expensive fighting climate change really is) and that many of the factors that worked to push temperatures up in the last decade have switched modes–the alphabet soup of AMO, PMO, ENSO, accompanied by solar cycles, etc.

I even bet climate activist Joe Romm $1,000 that this decade wouldn’t warm more than 1.5C, based just on the changes in these factors. I still think I’m going to win.
New Government Climate Change Report Yet More “Show Science” | Cato @ Liberty
[Michaels/Knappenberger] This is yet another example of our imperial government’s predilection towards “show science” in order to justify taking people’s stuff. By analogy, think of the “show trials” in some of history’s more freedom-loving regimes.
Hoover Dam Builder Hired for Google’s Ocean Wind Power Line - Bloomberg
Bechtel Group Inc., the U.S. contractor that built the Hoover Dam, has been hired for a Google Inc (GOOG).-backed project to deliver offshore wind power to electricity users in New Jersey.
There are no U.S. offshore wind farms operating or under construction, though companies have been planning to install turbines at sea for more than a decade...
“This will jump start an industry that will provide 20,000 jobs in New Jersey and gigawatts of long term, clean energy,” Needham said today at a conference in Holmdel, New Jersey.

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