Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Reference Frame: RSS AMSU: 2012 was 11th warmest year
As the preliminary data published two months ago indicated, the satellite temperature record RSS AMSU has indeed concluded that the year 2012 was the 11th warmest year on their 34-year-long record, rather close to the median.

That's not a good starting point for a hype about global warming – something that hasn't been seen for 15+ years at this point – so the climate fearmongers use a different strategy.
2012 was warmest year in U.S. on record

For years, the same people would be telling us that you should never look at America only which is only 2% of the globe, or only on Europe. All the inconvenient data from the regions (such as the warm 1930s in the U.S.) are just regional flukes. But when the global flukes refuse to collaborate, even regional flukes may be helpful.
Global Warming Benefits Ratsnakes - Science News - redOrbit
Weatherhead said the environmental domino effect could mean a reduction in some native bird populations because the snakes he studies are important predators of birds’ nests. During the night, in addition to eggs and young birds in nests, adult females may also get caught unawares.
It's a rule: Slight additional warmth must help species that you don't like and hurt species that you do like.

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