Friday, January 18, 2013

The Way Green Groups Are Swooning, You'd Think Ed Markey Is Justin Bieber | Mother Jones
"The planet is running a fever," said Markey at a Climate Desk Live event co-sponsored by Mother Jones last month. "There are no emergency rooms for planets. We have to use preventative care."
Why the climate bill failed: It’s not that simple | Grist
[Skocpol] is quite right in pointing to the rise of Tea Party Republicanism as a decisive factor, and quite right that climate campaigners didn’t have a plan for dealing with it. But I think she misses the role of money and brute-force Astroturf climate opposition. The summer of 2009 isn’t just when the Tea Party got into the game; it is when Big Oil, having sat out the battles in the House, joined the fight in earnest and blew the climate campaign away.
There Are Whales Alive Today Who Were Born Before Moby Dick Was Written | Smart News
Thirty four years ago, scientists counted 1,200 whales. Today there are about 14,000 of the mammals out there.
Italy in grip of cold snap, Rome 'escapes' snowfall - GazzettaDelSud
Rome, January 18 - Romans did not wake to the predicted snow cover on Friday as elsewhere in the country the cold snap continued to bite. Roads were closed due to heavy snowfall in the central Abruzzo and Molise and southern Basilicata regions and schools were closed in some areas.
Carbon Traders Stung by Rout Try Again in China: Energy Markets - Bloomberg
Carbon traders are backing China to revive a global emissions market that lost 34 billion euros ($45 billion) last year as it shrank for the first time in history.
UK snow causes chaos across transport network - Mirror Online
Motorists were urged to avoid all but essential journeys amid strong winds, plunging temperatures and the looming threat of blizzards.

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