Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"The time to head for the exits from the “Global Warming” story is now"

How The Change Comes, a remarkable article | Musings from the Chiefio
As a cold wet snowy frozen winter covers everywhere from Alaska, through Canada, the UK, Germany (EU in general), on down through the Levant where the Holy Land got snow, and on through Russia and even to China where they are having a very hard winter… Finally on to Korea and Japan… All around the globe, the story is the same. It’s the 1950s to 1970s all over again. Yes, there will be some places, and some times, when the Loopy Jet Stream bring excess (Welcome!) warmth. All that cold headed south in some ‘blobs’ has to have counter current warmth headed north to be disposed out the polar IR window. But over time that built up heat will fade, and we will be increasingly left with only the cold.

I hope that the “Warmers” realize quickly that it’s best to get off that Hobby Horse now. If history shows anything, it is that in the cold, a hungry poor mob is not interested in how nice a person you were; only that you were part of the problem. The “Bread Riots” of the French Revolution came out of just such a ‘cold turn’. The time to head for the exits from the “Global Warming” story is now. In a very few years it will be too late, and the doors will be shut while the folks sharpen their pitchforks and start saying “About that ‘cake’ business…”

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