Monday, January 28, 2013

Warmist Bob Inglis: You know how we can prevent CO2-induced hurricanes? Raise gas taxes 25 cents, which will cause Joe Q. Public to ditch his real car for a Chevy Volt?

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In exchange for the carbon tax, Inglis favors dollar-for-dollar tax cuts in either the corporate income tax, personal incomes tax or payroll tax. Alternatively, he would support returning the revenue the carbon tax would bring in to taxpayers via a dividend.

The price of gasoline and electricity would inevitably rise under the tax, a result that Inglis said is better than having an unfair market. By taxing energy companies $25 per ton of carbon emissions, for example, the cost of gasoline is estimated to rise about $.25 per gallon.

“The best way to get there is just an elegant price signal: Here’s the real cost of gasoline,” Inglis said. “If you do that, you let people decide. If you want a great big car, go ahead. If I want a Volt, then I’m not going to pay what you’re paying to get around.”


chris y said...

First, the carbon tax is charged to the fuel purchaser, with the oil company simply passing the savings along. But no-one wants to say they are raising your taxes. Again.

Second, a 25 cent/gallon tax won't do diddly squat to gasoline consumption. The price inelasticity of energy and in particular gasoline has been known for decades.

Third, although up to half of Americans believe global warming is an apocalypse on the horizon and caused by our CO2 toxic belching, almost no-one is willing to pay anything extra to try and prevent it.

If you really think CO2 toxins are screwing with the weather, then the most cost-effective approach to curtail future emissions is paying a couple hundred grand to every woman of child-bearing age who agrees to be sterilized.

Derfel Cadarn said...

When we abandon our real cars where will the electricity come from to power our Volts? Moonbeams and unicorn flatulence?

Anonymous said...

So they want to lower the corporate tax and raise the tax on the poor and middle class? Energy is a much larger portion of their incomes than it is for the wealthy. Also, not everybody can afford a [possibly] coal powered Chevy Volt!