Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Warmist Hayhoe claims that her book isn't selling terribly well because it's been blacklisted by the right-wing media system; also when she got married, her husband didn't know what she studied and she didn't know he was a climate skeptic

What would Jesus do (about climate change)? | Grist
Improbable as it may seem, when Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech, married Andrew Farley, a linguistic professor and evangelical preacher, he didn’t know what she studied. And she didn’t know that he was a climate skeptic.
When speaking at churches, Hayhoe often uses a chart of atmospheric CO2 that only goes back 6,000 years. She skims over little things like the age of the Earth and the process of evolution. Why? “To understand the reality of climate change, we don’t have to think the world is any older than 300 years,” she says. And besides, we don’t have the luxury of waiting to act on climate change until everyone is on the same page about everything.
At the 3:00 mark of the interview at the link above, Jeremy Caves says that Hayhoe told him that her latest book hasn't sold terribly well because "it's been blacklisted by the right-wing media system".

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