Thursday, January 10, 2013

Was 2012 the Hottest Year On Record In the US? | Power Line
So, was 2012 really the warmest year on record in the U.S.? Maybe so; but we will probably never know, because our government provides massive financial incentives to the people who create, maintain, “adjust” and publish the data to promote global warming hysteria rather than engage in objective science. As a result, the data are corrupt.
TV networks give cold shoulder to warming planet | Strange Bedfellows — Politics News -
Media Matters found one bright spot. The PBS “News Hour” devoted twice as many segments to climate change as the four commercial networks combined. It has hosted the director of the National Climate Data Center — which has produced unsettling findings about the rise of temperatures in North America — and scientist James Hansen of NASA.

Hansen was first to blow the whistle on global warming, and now links the heating up of the Earth to its violent weather.
The 32,000 population estimate for polar bears is not an error due to counting overlapping territories twice | polarbearscience
The estimate for the world’s polar bear population, as given by the Polar Bear Specialist Group (PBSG) on their website in their State of the Polar Bear summary feature – as tallied by nation (22,600-32,000) – is not simply an error resulting from counting overlapping territories twice.
Let’s Be Gone With the Wind - John Fund - National Review Online
Over the past 25 years, an estimated 2,300 golden eagles have been killed by turbines at Altamont Pass, Calif., alone, leading to an 80 percent drop in the golden-eagle population of southern California.

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