Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weaker Global Warming Seen in Study Promoted by Norway's Research Council -
[Revkin] Purveyors of climate doubt have seized on a news release from the Research Council of Norway with this provocative title: “Global warming less extreme than feared?” The release describes new research finding that global warming from the buildup of greenhouse gases will be on the low end of the persistently wide spread of projections by other research groups. (There’s a presentation describing the work below.)

This may well end up being the case (I’d give it higher than even odds; even so, that doen’t justify an “all clear” alert). But this particular analysis has, as yet, not been published in a peer-reviewed journal. This means that although the release comes from a prestigious government science agency, the work needs a publicity before publication caution label. I created one just for this purpose (above) and will use it when needed.
More signs that global warming is just hot air | UK | - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express
The Norwegian study says earlier predictions were based on rapid warming in the Nineties. But Oslo University’s department of geosciences included data since 2000 when temperature rises “levelled off nearly completely”.
A new water fight — over global warming Page 1 of 2 |
The perpetual and sometimes bitter disputes between the San Diego County Water Authority and Metropolitan Water District have taken another twist, this time over recouping the cost of buying state permits to release greenhouse gasses linked to global warming...Metropolitan estimates that it may have to eventually buy about $7 million worth of [bad-weather-prevention] permits.
Weaker Global Warming Seen in Study Promoted by Norway's Research Council -
[comment] Dr. Bruck Raleigh NC

SCIENCE AND POLITICS DO NOT MIX WELL. My colleagues at NCAR, Goddard, and Cambridge are dedicated, careful and conservative scientists. I will trust their data and analysis. The world is getting warmer- UNEQUIVOCALLY. Ice fields are disassociated, glaciers are melting, the sea is rising and Alpine flora are moving upslope- I have witnessed all of this with my own eyes. Deniers can continue to play their game of folly. Our posterity will spit on our graves

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