Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weather And Climate Commentary Confirms That A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing.
[Tim Ball] If we don’t have the talk future generations will curse the silence. They will curse why we allowed a few political bullies to undermine development and progress with the false claim that human CO2 is causing climate change.
Q&A: Katharine Hayhoe on the trials of being a Christian climatologist | San Marcos Mercury
our planet is now running a low-grade fever. It’s a warning sign that something is not right, something is different.
...We are using sources of energy that pollute our air and give our children asthma...We know that the cheap sources of oil and gas WILL run out on us in this century, maybe even sooner....Doesn’t it make all the sense in the world to do our best to transition to clean, renewable sources of energy that give us clean air, don’t require valuable water resources to extract and burn, as do coal, gas, and even nuclear, invest in the local economy instead of overseas, won’t run out on us...From my perspective, science is uncovering what God was thinking when he made the earth and, today, listening to what God’s creation is telling us about what is happening to our planet.
Paying More Attention to Uncertainties | 3S Research Group
[Warmist Mike Hulme] Since 2009/10, my informal monitoring of climate change reporting suggests there has been more frequent depictions of new scientific studies in terms of ‘climate change may be less serious than previously thought’, balancing the previous dominance of the tag-line ‘climate change is worse than previously thought’. At the very least, many predictions are now couched more carefully using the languages of uncertainty. For example, the IPCC’s Special Report of Weather Extremes published in 2011 is much more cautious about attributing weather extreme trends to human influences than was the IPCC’s 2007 Report.
EPA releases first tranche of Lisa Jackson’s alias e-mail correspondence « Hot Air
There are many more e-mails to come. The EPA is supposed to release 3,000 a month for four months, so it’d make sense if they released the most benign ones the closest to Jackson’s exit. The less that comes out before a new EPA head’s confirmation hearing, the less senators can grill her about. One wonders if Christine Gregoire would go by Graham Wellington, or something equally WASPy?

And, no, it is not your imagination that using alternative e-mail addresses to conduct public business seems like a much bigger deal when it’s Republicans doing it.

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