Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Which leaves just us and some other warmist patsies | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
I don’t think this policy of wowing the world with our sacrifices is working. Do you?
Political Murder and Environmentalism » Climate Resistance
Parncutt’s essay, far from being logical and objective, reflects environmentalism’s failure to make logical and objective arguments, much less persuade anyone with them. In his frustration, Parncutt escalates his claims against those he blames for environmentalism’s failure. Along the way, he reveals the ideological nature of environmentalism, and betrays his own inability to reflect on his failures, and to take responsibility for them. It wasn’t deniers who held up environmentalism’s progress; it was environmentalists.
What Science, Environmentalism and the GOP Have in Common : Collide-a-Scape
Those who regularly attend annual science meetings can attest to the sea of white faces in conference rooms and hallways. (The press room at these meetings is also filled with predominantly white faces, which tells us about science journalism’s own lack of diversity.)

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